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Heavenly Paphos


The town of Paphos, Cyprus is an age-old neolithic treasure trove of ancient and modern, melded together in a swirl of history and sun. It is possibly one of the most captivating parts of Cyprus and Europe. It is no wonder than the property market here is bustling. Who wouldn’t want a slice of Paphos at breakfast, lunch or sunset?

The birthplace of Aphrodite and home to the Romans for a while, Paphos and its people are a warm welcoming bunch with a smile for everyone. The sea is crystal blue and most people who visit find it a hard place to leave, a place where a weekend break suddenly turns into a visit to an estate agent. And before you know it, you own a bite of Paphos.

The 43,000 inhabitants are spread between Kato Pafos near the sea and Ktima the residential area. There is truly something for all, from 30k Euro sea vista apartments to 7 million Euro mansions; you can rely on Paphos to supply just what you want when you want it.

If you are thinking of buying in Paphos you might want to know about George’s Fun Bus, to describe it as a tourist attraction would be an understatement. Fresh barbecue, sightseeing, karaoke and a whole host of crazy offerings are sure to brighten up the dullest day.

Although the property market in Paphos has had problems over the past few years, there are indicators that the market might be moving up or at least forward. And there is no reason to think Paphos is getting any worse, in fact, the opposite is true.

And when you do decide to buy in Paphos you can rely on the numerous local building services to keep your property in top condition. Along with plenty of top-class property management services for those buying to let, Paphos is still a hot spot for holidaymakers. And since 2008 with the adoption of the Euro, Cyprus is now in line financially with the rest of Europe and it easier to see how far your money goes.

With its wide-open natural beauty, sea and modern cosmopolitan shopping and eating districts you really get the best of both worlds. British ex-pats have always loved. Paphos but since the economic downturn, a lot of the holiday property has come onto the market due to holiday homeowners needing to sell and free up some money. However this is good news, the general feeling is that Paphos is going to pick up soon, so now is the time to buy when prices are low, interest rates are low, and the market has reached its bottom rung. The rental market is strong, with average prices for holiday lets fetching 400-1000 Euros per week so if you decide to buy you can be sure a good return for your investment. Whatever is said of the current climate and property prices, it isn’t going to last forever. So why wait to buy?

Published Tuesday, September 04, 2012, 7:02 PM by Cleo Shahateet

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