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2018 is a Great Year for Cyprus Tourism, Real Estate and Buying Property

According to the Statistical Service of the republic of Cyprus regarding tourism 2018 has been another great year. The total number of arrivals through October of 2018 is 3,673,377 slightly higher than same period in 2017 where we saw 3,408,473 and already passed the total 2017 arrival which was 3,652,073. As usual the country with the highest number of individuals visiting Cyprus is the UK with a total of...


Heavenly Paphos

The town of Paphos, Cyprus is an age-old neolithic treasure trove of ancient and modern, melded together in a swirl of history and sun. It is possibly one of the most captivating parts of Cyprus and Europe. It is no wonder than the property market here is bustling. Who wouldn’t want a slice of Paphos at breakfast, lunch or sunset? The birthplace of Aphrodite and home to the Romans for a while, Paphos...

Living in Cyprus: Surprises and Discoveries

This is an article I wrote soon after moving to Paphos, Cyprus in June 2006. I thought it would be good to share it again here:As the summer holidaymakers start heading home, Paphos turns from a bustling Mediterranean destination back into a sleepy small town or as some say, a village. I have concluded my second consecutive summer here and anticipating the beauty of the coming autumn and winter seasons, I...

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