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Nature Trails & Hiking in Cyprus

For hiking enthusiasts that want to learn more about trails and another side of Cyprus check out our most recent post on IHeartCyprus below. http://www.iheartcyprus.com/cyprus-natural-trails.html There are 3 levels of difficulties of natural trails and various hiking clubs in Cyprus – most of which are free and tourist-friendly. Published Monday, April 28, 2014 5:25 PM by […]

Helping Our Pets in Cyprus Stay Cool & Safe

As we are deep into the hottest time of the year in Cyprus I just wanted to share some helpful tips on how to keep our four-legged friends cool and comfortable. Many ex-pats move to Cyprus and know it is hot, but we can sometimes forget just how hot that must feel to our furry […]

Heavenly Paphos

Heavenly Paphos

The town of Paphos, Cyprus is an age-old neolithic treasure trove of ancient and modern, melded together in a swirl of history and sun. It is possibly one of the most captivating parts of Cyprus and Europe. It is no wonder than the property market here is bustling. Who wouldn’t want a slice of Paphos […]

Funny things about Cyprus

Funny things about Cyprus

There are many wonderful things connected with living in Cyprus, some of which people may find quite amusing. Certain traditions and actions that have developed over the years make Cypriot culture instantly recognizable to foreigners and locals alike. A good place to start would be the “peripteron”, which is a kiosk you can find every […]

Olive Trees in Cyprus

Olive Trees in Cyprus

Olives in Cyprus are very special and just about every property has a tree or one nearby. They can be seen everywhere from the olive farms to the beaches and even in the middle of walkways.  An olive tree can live for several hundred years and each olive tree becomes a work of art in […]

Greek Cypriot National Day – April 1st

April 1st marks the independence of Cyprus from British colonial rule. EOKA started a guerrilla-style campaign against British colonial rule, which was aimed at self-determination and union with Greece, on April 1, 1955.  It is also known as EOKA Day and falls on April Fools Day or  “All Fools Day.” Students from all over Cyprus […]

Transportation System in Cyprus

Transportation System in Cyprus Here is one of our newest pages about public transport options in Cyprus. You will find prices, links and phone numbers to different taxi and bus companies. https://cyprus101.com/cyprus-resources/transportation-system/ Published Wednesday, March 30, 2011 6:35 PM by Cleo Shahateet Filed under: buses in Paphos, buses in CYprus, Paphos bus schedule, Larnaca airport, Transportation […]