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Question about Living in Cyprus

Utilities in Cyprus

Electricity is supplied by The Electricity Authority of Cyprus also known as EAC. They control the cost of the electricity services throughout Cyprus. Electricity bills are issued every 2 months and include your usage, a fixed fee and a tax. You can pay your bill at your bank, ATM, online or in person at the offices of the EAC. To pay your bill online you must first set up an account with If you buy or rent a property in Cyprus you will need to ensure the account is set up in your name which entails you visiting the electricity authority and providing them with your passport, rental contract or title deeds and the relevant deposit.  Water supply in Cyprus is provided by The Cyprus
Water Development Department with branches throughout the island.  Bills are issued every quarter and in order to change the account to your name you need to visit their offices with the relevant identification and deposit.  Water bills can be paid in the same way as electricity bills.

Each October you will receive a bill for communal expenses which include removal of rubbish and cleaning fees. Costs for this depend on the size of your property.

Healthcare System in Cyprus

Healthcare System in Cyprus

Cyprus’s public healthcare system is run by the Ministry of Health and is supported by taxes and mandatory social insurance payments.

Anyone who has lived in Cyprus for three months or longer is deemed to be a resident, entitling them to registration with the General Healthcare System (GHS) and a Cypriot doctor. Residency status determines access to public healthcare in Cyprus.

Cyprus does not provide free healthcare. The expense of healthcare is covered by the State and co-payments are made by patients.

You must register with Cyprus Social Insurance Services and start making healthcare
contributions if you are employed in Cyprus.

Expats from Great Britain might be able to apply for a UK S1 form if they receive a UK State Pension or similar exportable benefit. Once you have it, you can apply for a medical card through GHS in Cyprus resulting in lower or no co-payments.

Pharmacists in Cyprus are highly qualified and most speak English.  They, like the UK can offer medical advice and even treatment for minor ailments.

Schooling in Cyprus

Schooling in Cyprus

When moving to Cyprus with children one of the most important decisions you will have to make is whether to enroll your child in one of the public Greek speaking schools or whether an international private school best fits your child’s needs.

Younger children can often adapt quickly and settle in a state school with no issues, whilst others may find it very difficult and may require extra tuition.  Whilst there is no fee to attend state school if your child requires extra tutoring this will incur costs.

Fee paying international schools offer children the chance to learn in English and to work towards International General Certificate of Secondary Education qualifications which are trusted by schools worldwide.

Fees vary from school to school but are likely to cost several thousand Euros per year.  In addition to these fees parents will have to buy school uniforms and course books. Parents are always encouraged to visit potential schools in the area you are moving to before deciding which option is best for their child.

In Paphos there are several international schools including:

International School of Paphos:  Aristoteli Savva 100, Paphos 8060 who provide education from kindergarten through to Year 12.  Telephone +357 26821700 Fax +357 26942541 Email:

The Leaning Centre : (TLC) of Peyia:   St Georges Road, Peyia, Paphos 8560 accepts students from the age of 3 years – 18 years

Telephone +357 26910226 Email:

Private British School ASPIRE: Tomb of the Kings Avenue, Paphos 8046 educates children from the age of 3 years – 18 years

Telephone +357 26623606 Email:

Transportation in Cyprus

In Cyprus there are two methods of public transport.  You can use the bus service which has improved in recent years.  There is an island wide bus service with buses departing regularly.   In the summer months buses run about every 15 minutes from main stops.  Each bus usually displays it’s destination in the front windscreen. The frequency of buses can reduce to certain areas in the winter months.  Bus time tables and schedule information can be found in the tourist information offices and from the bus companies. To check information online please search their website at or you can telephone 8000 5588

If you prefer not to use the bus service you can travel via taxi.  Paphos offers two types of taxi service which are known as “service taxis” or private taxi.  Service taxis are basically shared taxis which collect passengers from central locations and make some stops to other central locations.   This form of transport incurs a fixed rate charge to each passenger but be aware that they do not pick up or drop off in smaller towns or villages.  Reservations are required for a service taxi , sometimes also known as intercity taxis. Telephone 26923800 or 77777474 to reserve in the Paphos area.

Private taxis also operate all over the island and unlike service taxis they provide service to all areas of Cyprus.  These taxis can either be hailed in the street or pre-booked in advance by contacting the relevant company. There are also many taxi ranks in popular areas where you can walk in .  In the Paphos area Stevies Taxi company are highly recommended and can be reached on telephone 99675191. In Kato Paphos there is Mayfair Taxi on 26954200. If you require wheelchair accessible taxis in the Paphos area C & A Taxi can be reached on 99485976.

Fares can either be arranged in advance when booking or will be calculated via meter after an initial starting fee.

Volunteering Opportunities in Cyprus

Paphos has many organisations and charities in dire need of volunteers.  Whether it be helping out in the local hospices, animal shelters, charity shops or refugee organisations, your assistance as a volunteer will always be appreciated.  Listed below are some of the website addresses you can access:

Friends Hospice of Paphos

Cyprus Samaritans

Paphiakos & CCP Animal Welfare

Cyprus Refugee Council

Transporting your Pet to Cyprus

From Non- EU Countries
Since 1st January 2021 any pet passport which was issued in the UK including the Channel
Islands and Isle of Man are now invalid for travel to an EU country or Northern Ireland.
When travelling to Cyprus from a Non-EU country with your pet you will need:-
• A microchip – ISO 11784/11785 compliant
• A valid rabies vaccination & subsequent titer test (FAVN) if travelling from a high rabies risk
• Tapeworm treatment – Dogs only (recommended)
• A non-commercial EU Health Certificate endorsed by a government veterinarian (this must
occur within 10 days of arrival)

From Other EU Countries
• A microchip – ISO 11784/11785 compliant
• A valid rabies vaccination
• EU Pet Passport

Paphos Vets the Veterinary Centre of Dr. Yiannis ADDRESS NEEDS TO BE UPDATED TO:
31A Christou Kkeli, Kissonerga. TELEPHONE NUMBER NEEDS TO BE UPDATED TO 70007555

Question about Buying Property in Cyprus

Can you Explain the Buying Process in Cyprus?

The Buyer on finding the property he wants to buy normally puts down a deposit for the property, pending the clean Title Deeds search which is done by a lawyer.  The Seller will provide the Title deeds search certificate issued by the Land Registry and pass this over to the Buyer or his legal representative for their due diligence.

Once the contract is signed by both parties, specifying the outstanding amount required, the contract is submitted to Land Registry and stamped.  Lodging the sale contract at the Land Registry by the purchaser means that a charge is created on the property and that their money is safe.  

In the final stage of the property selling process, the transfer of the property takes place. The seller has to submit various Tax Clearances, for example, the IPT (the Immovable Property Tax), Sewage Tax, the Municipality or Council Bills, etc., to ensure the Buyer receives ‘clear property’. In return, the Seller on the receipt of the relevant sum of money will surrender the property to the Buyer who receives the keys and transfers the utilities into his name.

Cyprus101 are Registered Agents #560, License #41E marketing brand of Bettabilt Homes.

Is it safe to buy a property without Title Deeds?

It depends on the property. If the property is part of a project where subdivisions need to take place before the title deeds are issued then this may take a long time to get the deeds. If the developer has financial issues or has taken a mortgage on the land then it is a definite no. However, if an individual is selling and has obtained the certificate of final approval and has submitted an application for the title deeds and has the AX number then it a safe buy.

What is an AX Number?

An AX number is a unique reference number issued by the Land Registry when an application is made to acquire the Title Deed.  The Land Registry will issue your developer an AX Number when he submits an application for Title Deeds to be issued for yours and other properties covered by his planning application.  If your developer has applied for Title Deeds to be issued, he should be able to advise you of the application’s AX reference number. This is important when selling a property. Your developer or solicitor either tell you or research the matter.

How do we calculate property transfer fees?

Transfer fees in Cyprus are payable by the buyer for registering their chosen property in his or her name. Property transfer fees are calculated on the basis of the property’s market value on the date acquired. This requires that the sale of contract has been deposited at the Department of Lands and Surveys. If the contract of sale has not been deposited at the Department of Lands and Surveys your property’s transfer fees will be calculated on the assessed value of the property on the date the transfer takes place.

Transfer Fees are as follows:

Up to 85,000 Euros –  1.5%

85,001 – 170,000 Euros – 2.5%

Over 170,000 Euros – 4%

Are we required to open bank account before purchasing property?

The purchase of a property DOES NOT require that the potential buyers open a bank account in Cyprus if they appoint a lawyer who will open a specific clients’ account with a bank.

In this process, the potential buyers will still need to provide evidence about their source of funds and their income. Additionally, they need to provide a copy of a valid passport and a utility bill in their name.

For their income, it is enough to provide evidence about their pension and its payment into their U.K bank account.

What is the payment process if I’d like to move forward with purchasing the property?

Payment wise there are three stages to purchasing, the first being to pay a reservation deposit around 5% for the property to be taken out of the market.  The second stage is a payment of between 10% to 30% on signing of contracts and the balance on completion.

What Questions Should I ask a Licensed Agent when Buying

Does the property have title deeds?
A property with title deeds will not have a mortgage on the land. Your appointed lawyer can do a search at the Lands Office to make sure there are no encumbrances (mortgages on the land) and check the status of the deeds and advise you accordingly.
Can I have a valuation done?

Yes, but the Lands Office will officially determine what the value is and it may differ slightly from the valuer’s amount and this affects the transfer fees.

How can we secure the property?

Generally a good faith deposit is recommended in order to take the property off the market. We usually ask for a reservation fee of 5000 euros which is paid in the first instance to the purchaser’s lawyer in order for him/her to do the necessary checks before paying it to the vendor’s lawyer. The remaining payment terms are then detailed in the contract which is drawn up by the lawyers. If no deposit is given then the sellers and agent are free to show the property to other clients. In an aggressive market or on a bargain priced property it is important to provide the deposit so you do not lose the property to another buyer.

Do you recommend lawyers? 

Many estate agents can recommend several lawyers that they know to be professional and have a good reputation. Never use a lawyer that anyone says must be used and/or offers free services. Call several lawyers and ask questions, make sure they specialize is conveyancing and fees can be discussed beforehand also. Your chosen solicitor can inform you of all costs involved in buying a property and advise you on your purchase.

Is a Resale Property as Good a Value as a New Property in Paphos?

This is really just a matter of preference, but both newer and older homes offer distinct advantages, depending upon your unique taste and lifestyle.

In Paphos older homes can generally cost less than new properties, however, there are many cases where new homes can also cost less then older homes. Most new homes will not have mature gardens and some will not have any landscaping. With an older villa, the landscaping is normally already completed and could have extensive landscaping done, which is included in the purchase price.

In a new house, you can pick your own color schemes, flooring, kitchen cabinets, appliances, custom wiring for TV”s, electrical, computers, phones and speakers, etc., as well as have more upgrade options. Modern features like media rooms, extra-large bathrooms and bathtubs are also more attainable in ground-up construction. In a resale property , you rely largely on the previous resident’s tastes and technological whims, unless you plan to spend thousands into a remodeling and rewiring.

New-home designers can use new building materials such as glazed Energy Star windows, thicker insulation and other technology that will lower future energy costs for the owner. Most areas now have minimum energy-efficiency requirements for new construction. Kitchens and utility areas in new homes are designed to house more efficient energy-saving appliances. Older homes, unless they have undergone an energy retrofit, usually cost much more per square meter to air-condition and heat.

Older homes can be better judged for their quality and timeless beauty. New homes that now possess a smooth veneer might reveal the use of substandard building materials or shoddy workmanship over time. As you can see there are advantages and dis-advantages to each, but it really comes down to what fits you and what you are looking for in a home.

What are the costs of legal and other fees in the buying process?

Lawyers usually charge 1% on the purchase price of the property.

Current approximate costs for other fees are as follows-

1.      Power of attorney (If Needed) 59 EUROS

2.      Contract stamp duty 449 EUROS

3.      Contact registration 59 EUROS

4.      Transfer fee 

5.      Utility connections

6.      Bank due diligence costs 150 EUROS

Can UK Nationals still purchase property in Cyprus after Brexit?

Yes, UK Nationals can still purchase property in Cyprus for investment, holiday or as a resident. However, just like other non-EU nationals there is a limit of 2  by any one family. They also will need to apply to the Council of Ministers for a permit to purchase the property , without this permit it will not be possible to transfer the property into buyers name.

Is it possible for a Non European resident to secure a mortgage in Cyprus?

Per our conversation with the 2 banks in February 2023


The Bank of Cyprus advised:
They need to live in Cyprus, open a Cyprus bank account with no credit facilities, get Cyprus residency, pay their income into a Cyprus bank account for over 1 year, and then they could apply for a mortgage in Cyprus.
The Hellenic International Banking Unit advised:
They need to get residency and become tax residents in Cyprus, open a Cyprus bank account, pay in income for 6 months +, and then could apply for a mortgage in Cyprus.

Question about Selling Property in Cyprus

How much Capital Gains Tax will I pay?

Capital Gains Tax
The Capital Gains Tax rate is 20% which applies to any profit from the sale. There is a one-lifetime allowance for each seller of the first 17,086 Euros gain which is exempt until the allowance is used up. To determine the amount of tax, you subtract the purchase price as well as other deductibles from the sale price.
Other items that will reduce your payment are:
  • The transfer fees to transfer the title into seller’s name
  • Costs for property improvements and structural changes
  • Licensed estate agent fees

Questions to Ask a Licensed Agent if you are Selling

How many and what homes have you sold in my area?
This will give you an idea of the fair market value and how your agent is doing in comparison to other agents you may interview.
How close is the selling price to the listed price of homes sold? 
Again, good for comparison and to know if the suggested valuation of your home and listing price will meet your financial needs after commission and other fees are paid.

On average how long does it take you to sell a property? 

In Cyprus, we have seen properties sit on the market for years mainly due to the sellers refusing to price according to the market, faulty building or problematic. If a property is priced at market value and has title deeds then you can compare to other homes that are similar. Your agent can and should give you tips on home staging, improvements and updates that could be done to increase curb appeal and attractiveness of the home.

Do you have a reference list of clients I could contact? 

Many websites have updated Testimonials pages that you can read. If you need more information they could provide emails for their previous clients. Luckily, Paphos and Cyprus are small so word of mouth spreads quickly so usually talking to people in town will provide some good feedback.
How many buyers are you currently working with? 
Many agents work with other companies also so they are not only helping their own buyers but are in collaboration with others who will bring buyers to them if they do not have a suitable home on their own books. Most of the established and professional agents have good working relationships with other agents both in Cyprus and overseas.
What if I am not happy with the job you are doing to market my property?  

If you have not chosen a sole agency agreement then a seller is free to market their home with as many agents as they like. Some sellers like only one agent to have access to their home while others want as many as possible. The advantage of having one agent is that there is only one company to deal with i.e. one set of keys, one contract to sign making it easier for sellers to deal with one professional company that they can trust.  In addition, with our network of partners and associates, we can market the property through these companies increasing the number of viewings and chances to sell the property. All viewings with associates and their clients will be accompanied by ourselves.

How will you market my property? 

Marketing to overseas clients usually requires a variety of resources from a strong online presence to good relationships with other agents. Try to gauge how well your agent knows their market and how to effectively gain qualified buyers.  Also, make sure they have the local market covered which would require more word of mouth and professional relationships with local businesses.
In the end, you have to decide who will do the best job for you. Allowing someone into your home or allowing someone to help you choose a home to purchase requires a level of trust and understanding. A good professional relationship and an agent who really understands your needs as a buyer or a seller will help everyone enjoy their real estate experience.  It should be a memorable and happy one, not one filled with stress and uncertainty!   We look forward to hearing your feedback regarding your experience with us or other agents and we welcome any additions to our real estate pointers above.
Cyprus101 are Registered Agents #560, License #41E marketing brands of Bettabilt Homes.

Why should I use a Licensed Estate Agent in Paphos to Buy or Sell a Property

Buying a property will likely be one of the largest investments you will make whether it is a holiday home, a retirement home, or your “forever” home. Finding a good agent to sell your property is just as important.  In order to make the right decision, you need to find a good, licensed estate agent based in Cyprus.

Firstly, let me tell you the difference between an unlicensed agent and a licensed agent.

A licensed agent holds a license from The Cyprus Real Estate Agents Association (CREAA).  This means any contract signed with a licensed agent is enforceable by law protecting both the estate agent and the vendor.

A licensed agent also must carry insurance to protect the purchaser against either the agent or developer becoming bankrupt.

A licensed agent can also save you thousands of Euros.  A licensed agent in Cyprus means that his receipt is deductible from Capital Gains Tax hence saving the seller money.

An estate agent’s fee is paid by the seller.  A buyer should never pay an agent a commission or a “finders fee.” Smaller companies can be flexible and have lower commission rates if exclusive contracts are signed and some can be slightly higher for example if other agents are involved. This would be worked out in a signed contract before marketing begins.

Unlicensed agents are actually working illegally. They may have nice websites with lots of hits on it however, they may want to lock you into an agreement with a high commission rate and there is no law protecting them or the seller if anything goes wrong. Many do work professionally and are trustworthy BUT it is still illegal to market and sell properties without being a licensed estate agent.

An unlicensed agent can not legally handle any money. Many licensed estate agents don’t handle money either as the lawyers generally handle all finances and legal matters in order to simplify the transaction.

Why Should I Choose Cyprus101 to Sell my Property?

We provide flexible marketing options for sellers so you can choose what is right for you – no pressure!  Please read what some of our valued sellers in Paphos have said about us on our Testimonial’s page.

We have qualified and serious clients, many of whom are cash buyers, who have not found the perfect home. They have seen many properties in the Cyprus market but have not found one. These are serious buyers and we need your help to meet their requirements!

How We Sell Your Property 

We have a dynamic marketing strategy starting with our own responsive, mobile-friendly, and up-to-date website that ranks well in popular search engines.  We have a strong social media presence and overall strong internet presence which is where the majority of buyers start their home search.  This site along with our other domains is one of our strengths.  Our placement on Rightmove, Zoopla and in popular, local magazines, our Premium Membership on popular forums, inclusion in directories, and other print ads contribute to our success. Additionally, we maintain strong relationships with reputable, licensed estate agents in Cyprus and worldwide allowing us to take advantage of the unique buyers market in Cyprus from young families to retirees to investors.

If you are thinking about putting your home on the market call or email us to discuss our comprehensive marketing strategy.  Also, take the time to read our tips on  Home Staging which helps you as a seller know what can help make or break a sale (in some cases).  The very important aspect of Getting Ready for Home Showings  is just as crucial in making a good first impression.

When you’re armed with the right information and an experienced professional, you’ll be closer to reaching your goal – selling your home without stress, and for the best price.

The Cyprus property market is bustling and it takes an experienced professional to sell your home efficiently and profitably.  We are Licenced Estate Agents with a team of experienced property and marketing specialists that offer professional service with a personal touch! We have developed many friendships with our clients over the years and good word of mouth and referrals go a long way.  Referrals are truly the best compliment we can receive and we strive to maintain our excellent reputation in the market!

Please contact us if you have any questions about selling your property in the Paphos area. When you decide to sell, we will be your advocate, your guide, and your fierce negotiator. We will work hard to make yours a great sale.

We Will Sell Your Cyprus Property Stress-Free

Cyprus101, PaphosEstateAgemt and PropertyofCyprus are Registered Agents #560, License #41E marketing brands of Bettabilt Homes.

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