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Home Staging Tips for your Cyprus Property

staging propertyThe saying “There is only one chance to make a first impression” should be the rule of thumb for home sales. If a buyer walks in and your home is full of boxes, clutter or untidy they may not see past it all and realize the potential of the home. Even the exterior needs to make a nice impression as some customers may see an overgrown garden and not even want to see the inside! Here are some easy and inexpensive ways to ensure that your home makes a great first impression.

Staging the Exterior: Curb Appeal, Pool and Garden

 1. Make sure the pool is sparkling blue.
 2. Put any pool toys or accessories away.
 3. Have the garden, trees and bushes neatly trimmed.
 4. Make sure garden furniture is dust free and placed so a customer could sit and observe.
 5. Have the entrance to the home free of cobwebs, dirt or leaves.
 6. Get rid of a worn welcome mat or replace the old one with a cheery, new one.
 7. Buy a nice potted plant or two – yellow is soothing and inviting.
 8. If your shutters or railings are chipped or peeling a fresh, matching coat of paint will do wonders.
 9. If you have a communal pool, show the property when it is likely not to be too busy so it feels more private, quiet and relaxing.


 1. Have the entry clear, open and bright.
 2. Properties in Cyprus tend to need an “airing out” if closed up. Put on the air conditioning so it feels like a cool retreat when entering or open windows if weather permits to feel the fresh breeze.
 3. Plug in an electric air freshener in a hidden place – use apple cinnamon or vanilla.  They are soothing and make a customer feel at home.  In Cyprus, try an “Ocean Breeze” scent.
 4. Turn on ceiling fans so customers notice them and see how nice they are in summer to relax and cool off under.

Living Room:

  1. If the room is too crowded, consider putting one piece of furniture in storage.
  2. Put a slip cover over any worn furniture.
  3. Arrange the room to best show off the potential.
  4. Remove family photos and other items that tell the buyer “this is not your home”
  5. Stick with neutrals. If you have bright paint colour on the walls, consider repainting in neutral tone.
  6. If you have any fantastic views, open the windows to make sure they can be fully appreciated.
staging property 2
  1. Don’t let wires from office equipment, papers, books and files overwhelm the room.
  2. Put everything in its’ place to make it appear super-functional or so that a buyer could envision the room as something other than an office if they have no need for one.
  1. Clean, clean, clean until it sparkles: cabinets, sinks, floors, walls.
  2. Update faucets, knobs and handles if they are outdated.
  3. Declutter by putting away unused appliances and knick knacks to make it look like there is more counter       space.
  4. Pet food and bowls should ideally be removed altogether if possible.
  1. Clean until it looks like a model home: make sure there is no soap scum, mirrors are clean and there are no personal items left on the counters.
  2. Put out some nice plush towels that colour coordinate.
    1. A fresh flower arrangement does wonders in a bathroom.


    1. Make it look comfortable with plush pillows, nice bedding set and colour coordinated in neutral, soft colours.
    2. Clear out closets so they appear bigger.
    3. Again, remove family photos and personal items.
    The key pointers to remember are to try to make it appear as appealing as possible to as many people as possible by making it neutral, spotless, spacious and inviting. Doing this allows a buyer to see themselves in the home, not you and your family.
    Staging your home will help you be more organized and ready for your move if you have already removed clutter, personal items and knick knacks. Your property will most likely sell faster. You can justify the price of your home when it comes to negotiations. Staging your home forces you to look from the outside and try to see what a buyer would see. Lastly, you may find that you enjoy it and will be excited to decorate and organize your new home!

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Cleo Shahateet - Paphos Estate Agent

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