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Emba Village Property with poolEmba village borders Paphos to the north. Other Paphos villages close are TalaChlorakas, Mesogi, Kissonerga, and Tremithousa. It is  35 meters above sea level and has a population of about 4,500. The community council does a good job of keeping up with the needs of the community. They organize a blood drive every year, a children’s fare and have won awards for the cleanliness of the community. There is a senior living home that is available, a theatre and a library.

In the Cypriot dialect “Emba” means to enter and it was named this as it was built at the entrance of the city. Today you will find many restaurants and some shops on the narrow winding streets that take you through the village center. Emba is also home to many chapels and churches, one large church has been recently built and others are very old little chapels.

The village is charming with it’s winding roads and lemon, orange and nectarine groves. Agriculture is the main industry of the area and as well as citrus fruits there are also peaches. Because of Emba’s proximity to Paphos there are many continuing developmental projects for the village.

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Cleo Shahateet - Paphos Estate Agent
Cleo Shahateet - Paphos Estate Agent

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