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Cyprus – COVID Pandemic/Epidemic Information for Travelers

Covid travel info

UPDATED – May 11, 2021

The government of the Republic of Cyprus has amended the Covid Protocols which come into force on May 10.   Please note that tourists arriving in Cyprus do not need to issue a “Safepass” (or Coronapass). The main document for traveling around the country and visiting public places will be the Cyprus Flight Pass. The application for a Special Permission must be submitted on the Cyprus Flight Pass Platform 24 hours before entering Cyprus. Tourists will not need to regularly do a Covid test, present a certificate of vaccination, or a certificate of recovery from Covid-19. It will be enough to present the Cyprus Flight Pass.

Only police officers and inspectors authorized by ministries and departments have a right to check the availability of this document. Managers of companies/catering establishments do not control the availability of certificates. Visitors are not required to present Safepass or Cyprus Flight Pass to them.

New rule for vaccinated tourists arriving at Larnaca and Paphos airports. Since May 10, Cyprus considers as authorized for travel, all vaccines which have been approved by the European Medicines Agency, and the vaccine Sputnik V. Prior to travel, a copy of the vaccination certificate must be uploaded onto the Cyprus Flight Pass platform and certain vaccination details must also be provided.  Those who have been vaccinated with one of the EU-certified vaccines, as well as the Russian Sputnik-V, have the right to enter Cyprus without PCR tests. The Republic of Cyprus still reserves the right to randomly test any arriving flight, and this will include vaccinated travelers as well.

Traveling to Cyprus?

February 27, 2021 – Epidemiological risk assessment of countries:
Green Category countries
Low-risk countries at the current stage
Schengen / EEA member states 1) Iceland
Third countries: 1) Australia, 2) New Zealand, 3) Singapore, 4) Saudi Arabia
Orange Category countries
European Union Member States: 1) Denmark, 2) Finland
Schengen countries: 1) Norway
Third Countries: 1) China (including Hong Kong and Macau), 2) South Korea, 3) Thailand
Red Category countries
Increased risk countries compared to the Green and Orange.
European Union Member States: 1) Austria, 2) Belgium, 3) Bulgaria, 4) France, 5) Ireland, 6) Croatia, 7) Luxemburg, 8) Romania, 9) Spain, 10) Italy, 11) Malta, 12) Netherlands, 13) Hungary, 14) Poland, 15) Portugal, 16) Slovakia, 17) Slovenia, 18) Czech Republic, 19) Estonia, 20) Latvia, 21) Lithuania, 22) Sweden, 23) Germany, 24) Greece
Small states: 1) Andorra, 2) Monaco, 3) Vatican City, 4) San Marino
Schengen countries: 1) Switzerland, 2) Liechtenstei
Grey Category countries (Special Permission):
Third countries: 1) United Kingdom, 2) Israel, 3) Russia, 4) United Arab Emirates, 5) Ukraine, 6) Jordan, 7) Lebanon, 8) Egypt, 9) Belarus, 10) Rwanda

February 25, 2021 – Statement by the Minister of Health, Mr Constantinos Ioannou, during the announcement of the decisions of the Council of Ministers – Read here

Answers to frequently asked questions on what changes as of 1 March,
in the framework of the strategic lifting of measures to contain the pandemic Read here

February 17, 2021 – The Council of Ministers has approved the resumption of flights and reopening of airports with additional security measures starting March 1, Cyprus will apply a green, orange, red, and grey system for visitors from 56 countries – Read here – The Council of Ministers decided to extend until 31st March 2021, the measure of a 7-day stay in places to be designated by the Republic of Cyprus for those arriving from the United Kingdom, in accordance with the preconditions already in force.

February 17, 2021 – Epidemiological risk assessment of countries concerning COVID-19 – updated categorization of countries, based on the epidemiological risk assessment – click here

Feb 14, 2021 – Starting on April 1st – Israeli citizens who have been vaccinated will not be required to take a PCR test when traveling to Cyprus and will not be placed in quarantine upon arrival.

January 29, 2021 – *Revised* Answers to frequently asked questions on what changes as of 1 February, in the framework of the strategic lifting of measures to contain the COVID-19 pandemic click here

Currently, movement is prohibited between 9pm to 5am

The Visit Cyprus website which is an official tourism website states that Cyprus is ready to welcome travelers having successfully dealt with the global Pandemic. However, if you are seriously considering traveling to Cyprus you should check for the most recent updates pertaining to your specific country.

Cyprus Travel Ban Lifted for 56 countries

 January 15, 2021 According to a government document – Entry requirements will depend on the category (A,B and C) of the country you are coming from. Here is a quick check tool to help you see where your current standing. The countries that the bans are to be lifted including all EU members, European Economic Area States, UK, Russia, Israel, Ukraine, Belarus, Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, UAE and Saudi Arabia. The provisional date for the updated protocol for travel & tourism was changed to February 1, 2021. 

Important Coronavirus Announcements from Cyprus Ministry of Health: HTTP://PIO.GOV.CY/CORONAVIRUS/ENG/CATEGORIES/IMPORTANT-ANNOUNCEMENTS
The Application Process for a Flight Pass:

Queries via telephone:
Calls within Cyprus: 1474
Calls from abroad: +357 22 285 757

A Category Countries: Covid test not required with Flight Pass:
Australia, Cyprus, New Zealand, Singapore, and Thailand.

B Category Countries: Option to request a COVID-19 to be carried out on arrival in Cyprus:
China, Finland, Germany, Greece, Holy See (Vatican City), Hong Kong, Iceland, Japan, Republic of Korea, Norway, Rwanda, San Marino.


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