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Agricultural Land in Cyprus – New Laws

Cyprus land everywhere, Can I build on it?

There have been recent changes to how agricultural land can be used in Cyprus.  After researching the new laws, we have confirmed that the below conditions have to be met in order to build on agricultural land.
* There is sufficient access to a public road
* Only a permanent resident who does not already own a property in Cyprus can build.
* The building density is  at least 10%
* The size of the plot is at least 6000Sq.m.
* Once the property is built, it cannot be sold for at least 10 years unless it is an inheritance.
* It is within the drinking water zone.
Purchasers of agricultural land in Cyprus will NOT be allowed to build unless the above minimum preconditions have been met. If the land can only be used for agricultural use it will affect the value and who is likely to want to buy it.
The Lands Office now has to revalue all the agricultural land affected by the new laws.
It is advisable for any potential investor of agricultural land in Cyprus to appoint an architect and/or civil engineer to apply to the Planning Authority for preliminary views. This is optional for everyone in Cyprus and the authority will provide official answers as to what is possible to be built.

What about the getting the Planning Permit

It is considerably more difficult to acquire the town planning permit if your property is registered as land instead of a plot.
When considering approval of a building permit, the opinions of the following departments may be required.
1. Water department  … maybe pipes are crossing the land
2. Electricity Authority … can they install piles or underground cables
3. Cyta … can they connect you to the grid
4. Hunting  …. birds pathways
5. Environment …. natural, etc
6. Public road …. they might want to widen the road, etc
7. Fire …. mostly for business
8. Police … if the access is near the main road
9. Communal  … mouxtaris might not like you
10. Work …. this is for business

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6 thoughts on “Agricultural Land in Cyprus – New Laws”

  • geoff

    i have a house in stroumbi on agg land 4000 sq mter plot the house is 280 q mter we built it 2008 can it be extended up to the full 10% of plot size regards geoff harrison

    • Cleo Shahateet

      Hi Geoff,
      I hope you received my email.
      Let me know.
      Kind Regards,

  • savvas

    Is it possible to bulid non permanent building structures on Agricultural land
    eg, wooden cabin , prefab house

  • Sebastian

    Hi Cleo, is this information still accurate as of 2021? I’ve received conflicting information on whether it’s possible to build a residential home on agricultural land. Thanks, Sebastian

  • Vesi

    What exactly can I bild in 4000m².is on nonregistred public road ,it has a ellectrisity 3fas.I am olso a Cyprus permanent resitent and I do not have anader land or home,and I am a single mom and my son is disable diagnostic with autism.there is another homes near by but they bild long time befor.

  • Alex

    Good afternoon, I would like to know if information is still up to date, and where can i find laws regarding agricultural land ownership.


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