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Cyprus Attractions

Adonis Baths and Waterfalls in Paphos

Adonis baths and waterfalls are located in Paphos close to Coral Bay. According to Greek Mythology,  Adonis baths was where Aphrodite and Adonis spent much of their time. If you are heading towards St. Neophytus Monastery it is the same direction. The last 6 kilometers or so are very rough and even though signs say the road is suitable for all cars I would suggest only using a 4x4. What you...

Transportation System in Cyprus

Transportation System in Cyprus Here is one of our newest pages about public transport options in Cyprus. You will find prices, links and phone numbers to different taxi and bus companies. Published Wednesday, March 30, 2011 6:35 PM by Cleo Shahateet Filed under: buses in Paphos, buses in CYprus, Paphos bus schedule, Larnaca...

A trip to the Limassol Zoo

We are always looking for things to do with our boys especially our 2 years old who need lots of activities to keep him happy and away from watching Barney all day. We usually do the same things with him all the time, we either go to the park across from Carrefour in Paphos, walk down by the Paphos harbour or visit our friends who also have a boy around the same age. We try and add variety to his...

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