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Will UK Expats Still Have Residency and Working Rights With A Brexit “No Deal” ?

For more than 2 years negotiations have been ongoing between Great Britain and the other 27 EU member states during the Brexit process.  Amid all the uncertainty Expats have worried greatly over their right to remain living and working in EU countries. With a “No Deal” scenario looking more likely, we can at least take some comfort from the fact that the UK Government have already stated that they...

kathikas taverna

Cyprus Cultural Observations – A Funny Look at Life in Cyprus

There are many wonderful things connected with living in Cyprus, some of which people may find quite amusing. Certain traditions and actions that have developed over the years make Cypriot culture instantly recognizable to foreigners and locals alike. A good place to start would be the “peripteron”, which is a kiosk you can find every 200 meters on every street. It resembles a small supermarket and...

nlp in cyprus

Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP) in Cyprus – A Buyer’s Story

As a real estate agent specializing in property sales in Paphos, I am always fascinated by people’s stories of why they move to Cyprus and the following is a very interesting example of Colin, a Scotsman who lived in Cyprus until he was 13. When the invasion started he and his family were evacuated from Famagusta. Thirty-nine years later he and his wife, Manjeet who is originally from Malaysia have...

Registering with the Embassy or High Commission in Cyprus

It is a good idea for all non-Cypriot citizens who are living in Cyprus to email or call your respective High Commission or Embassy to register with them. I have done so with the American Embassy in Nicosia. I found out that they assist with the registration of Americans living in Cyprus, birth reports for children of American citizens born in Cyprus - like my son, voter registration, income tax forms...

Retirement in Cyprus is more than Sunshine

I moved to Cyprus because of the weather. Yes, there were other reasons that influenced my decision but in the back of my head, the idea of enjoying life without extreme, harsh winters gave me a great feeling. No longer scraping the snow off of the windscreens of my vehicles and jumping the battery that would not turn the engine over in the below zero temperatures. Since being here ( this is my third...

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