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Registering with the Embassy or High Commission in Cyprus

It is a good idea for all non-Cypriot citizens who are living in Cyprus to email or call your respective High Commission or Embassy to register with them. I have done so with the American Embassy in Nicosia. I found out that they assist with the registration of Americans living in Cyprus, birth reports for children of American citizens born in Cyprus – like my son, voter registration, income tax forms and notary services. Also, if there is ever an emergency it is good that they know you are here. They will send emails and letters alerting you of important information like swine flu facts, travel warnings and other useful information.

For all the British Expats, the British High Commission in Nicosia provides the same services. The information can be found here on the Foreign and Commonwealth Office page.

For U.S. Expats, the website to go to in order to find out more is here on the American Embassy Services page.

It is a good idea to register even if you are visiting Cyprus short term or living in Cyprus as a permanent resident as it is useful in case you need more information on visas, lost a passport or need any other important documentation.

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Published Sunday, July 12, 2009, 4:10 PM by Cleo Shahateet

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