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Will UK Expats Still Have Residency and Working Rights With A Brexit “No Deal” ?

  • Cleo Shahateet by Cleo Shahateet
  • 5 years ago
  • Expats
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For more than 2 years negotiations have been ongoing between Great Britain and the other 27 EU member states during the Brexit process.  Amid all the uncertainty Expats have worried greatly over their right to remain living and working in EU countries.

With a “No Deal” scenario looking more likely, we can at least take some comfort from the fact that the UK Government have already stated that they intend to allow EU nationals already living and working within the UK the right to carry on doing so – which is more than they are obliged to do.  Will the other EU members honour this treatment of Expats from the UK living abroad? The simple answer is that nobody can be sure at this point, but if a “No Deal” is the outcome then each and every one of the other 27 member states have to declare their intentions with regards to UK Nationals remaining in their countries ending the uncertainty for over a million British Expats.

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