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Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP) in Cyprus – A Buyer’s Story

nlp in cyprus

As a real estate agent specializing in property sales in Paphos, I am always fascinated by people’s stories of why they move to Cyprus and the following is a very interesting example of Colin, a Scotsman who lived in Cyprus until he was 13. When the invasion started he and his family were evacuated from Famagusta. Thirty-nine years later he and his wife, Manjeet who is originally from Malaysia have bought a home here and are spending half of the year enjoying all Cyprus has to offer.


Although Colin has traveled and lived in various locations around the world he explained that Cyprus held a place in his heart as his favourite home in childhood. The circumstances of leaving left a trauma and as the years passed by he felt it may be hard to return. Many places no longer leave the same impression when you return as an adult and time and growth have influenced both person and place.

Finally, in 2012 Colin decided to use the tool of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) to discover what was truly holding him back from revisiting Cyprus and to begin a journey towards what he desired for his retirement years. In relation to this situation, Colin found a host of emotions dwelling subconsciously which in essence were preventing him from returning to Cyprus, an example being a long-held sadness at losing contact with his best friend during the Famagusta evacuation, and with failed attempts to trace his friend using current methods.

After using certain NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) techniques to clear some emotional issues, Colin then progressed to addressing what it is he wanted, and currently this is to step away from the busy cooperate life, lead a life where he decides when and how much he wants to work and spend time in a country where outdoor pursuits are a natural part of life (all opposing opposites to the bustle of a big Asian city). This desire again produced memories of Cyprus, in his own words:

“We lived on the edge of an orange grove in a small suburb of Famagusta. I recall 

getting home from school at 1.30 pm, taking a short siesta and by 3.30 pm, after the 

mid-day heat had passed, we would invariably be playing football on the field or 

heading to the nearest swimming spot”.

A ticket was bought and Colin and his wife (who shared a goal of a more organic, relaxed pace lifestyle) visited Cyprus. Within 3 days of exploring, enjoying, and contemplating they had cemented plans and embarked on purchasing a home in Paphos, Cyprus!

What makes this story intriguing is that by using a method of change, and taking the time to address old issues, whilst targeting new goals, Colin was able to redirect his life path. Many of us desire to change or set goals but fail to follow through.

Here in Cyprus, we have all of the necessary resources, a beautiful climate, a friendly community, great education and healthcare, and the list goes on. Colin, using NLP techniques has achieved his personal lifestyle goal and he and his wife being experienced NLP trainers themselves with extensive experience of the corporate world, are now bringing this amazing life-changing tool to Cyprus, using their techniques to focus on helping people from all walks of life to improve the quality of their lives.

NLP is widely recognized as a series of tools that enable a significant improvement in the quality of life according to a person’s desired change. It is broadly a method for understanding the operations of the human mind and allows people to model excellence, creatively solve problems and most importantly, improve communications.

As an example, many people live their lives struggling to end bad habits, negativity, and stress. NLP tools can be used to alter the thought process which surrounds these habits and provide possible solutions. In summary NLP in its most simple form will allow you to organize your work and life, manage your mindset and communicate effectively to reach where you want to go.

If there anything you would like to change, any past emotions you would like to address, any improvements to communication or performance, please check out their website below.  Colin and Manjeet now have their home in Tala which we helped them purchase to everyone’s delight as they are not only clients but now friends also.  You can find Colin’s information by clicking on the link below or feel free to contact us and we will certainly pass on the message or help any way we can.

NLP courses are scheduled to be held in Paphos, Cyprus at the Alexander the Great Hotel.

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