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Cyprus – COVID Pandemic/Epidemic Information for Travelers -Update April 2022

UPDATED - APRIL 25, 2022 The new rules started 18th April and are explained on the image attached.  The “Cyprus Flight Pass” form has been scrapped. The UK one was scrapped previously, so that means no forms at all (unless your airline has their own).  A “safe pass” is NOT a form — its just the term Cyprus uses when bars and restaurants ask to see proof of vaccination or a...

Agricultural Land in Cyprus – New Laws

There have been recent changes to how agricultural land can be used in Cyprus.  After researching the new laws, we have confirmed that the below conditions have to be met in order to build on agricultural land. * There is sufficient access to a public road * Only a permanent resident who does not already own a property in Cyprus can build. * The building density is  at least 10% * The size of the...

New Cyprus Title Deeds Legislation

New Cyprus Title Deeds Legislation

This post was originally posted at As of the 4th September 2015, any buyer who has a pending, registered contract with the Lands Office, and has either paid in full or partially, can now apply directly to the District Land Registry Officer requesting the transfer of the title deed into his/her name regardless of the existence of any legal or...

Cyprus After the Explosion in Limassol

First of all, we would like to express our sincere condolences to those who have lost their lives in the senseless tragedy that occurred this week. The negligence of leaving 98 containers full of munitions improperly stored and exposed to the elements causing it to explode killing 13, injuring more than 60 people and causing damage to hundreds of homes in the Limassol area has caused an uproar and...

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