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New Cyprus Title Deeds Legislation

New Cyprus Title Deeds Legislation

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As of the 4th September 2015, any buyer who has a pending, registered contract with the Lands Office, and has either paid in full or partially, can now apply directly to the District Land Registry Officer requesting the transfer of the title deed into his/her name regardless of the existence of any legal or financial obstacle which, in the past, would have obstructed the transfer.

Buyers of properties without separate, individual title deeds may apply the same way but these applications will be suspended until the individual title is issued for the property in question.

For those buyers whose Cyprus title deeds are not yet issued the government will follow a shortcut/speedy process and issue the deeds for all projects for which an application for sub-division has been submitted – even in cases where there are technical omissions and/or irregularities on those projects. Individual deeds will be issued with the notation that they have technical irregularities and buyers will have the option to correct these irregularities after taking their deeds.

This new legislation bypasses all memos (liens) registered by individuals or the government and any other impediment which, under the previous legislation, prevented the transfer of the title deeds.

Buyers are now given the option of paying the transfer fees to the Lands Office in 12 equal monthly installments.

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One thought on “New Cyprus Title Deeds Legislation”

  • James

    We bought a property in 2005 in Konia and had many problems with the developer in obtaining title deed. Our contract stated that within 3years it will be issued to us. Now 18 years later the title deed is ready, but now the rules have changed for Konia. Our property is on a plot of 500sq metre. We must buy an extra piece of land that the developer uses as a road 178sq metre for £48,000. Is this the case in Konia. Can the government allow this to happen. Would this title deed fiasco go on forever.


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