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Skills That You Can Learn In The Cyprus Real Estate Market

Learning new skills is a constant thing when it comes to real estate in Cyprus or anywhere but the most important skills anyone can have in any field are honesty and integrity. And don't even think about getting in the business if you don't posses communication skills. Creating relationships with clients and other professionals is extremely important in the long run for your business. We are always...

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Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP) in Cyprus – A Buyer’s Story

As a real estate agent specializing in property sales in Paphos, I am always fascinated by people’s stories of why they move to Cyprus and the following is a very interesting example of Colin, a Scotsman who lived in Cyprus until he was 13. When the invasion started he and his family were evacuated from Famagusta. Thirty-nine years later he and his wife, Manjeet who is originally from Malaysia have...

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