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Skills That You Can Learn In The Cyprus Real Estate Market

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Learning new skills is a constant thing when it comes to real estate in Cyprus or anywhere but the most important skills anyone can have in any field are honesty and integrity. And don’t even think about getting in the business if you don’t posses communication skills. Creating relationships with clients and other professionals is extremely important in the long run for your business.

We are always learning, whether it’s trying to figure out which angle would be best to present a listing or  what the latest trends are when it comes to marketing and finding your audience it never stops.  Every website has a Frequently Asked Questions page but these pages usually don’t have any of the thousands of questions we get throughout the year. Clients expect us to know it all and in most cases we do, but even the most experienced agents will come across a question that they will not readily have the answer for.  If I can not answer a specific question we have a network of professionals readily available to ask for advice. If needed we can refer our clients to the the right person whether it is a lawyer, architect,civil engineer or accountant.

In today’s world the agents are no longer the ones doing all the work on the listing side. Of course we have to get the contract and the all the paper work done but when it comes to home staging the property to get it ready to be photographed or viewed then a specialist is required. Staging a home is an art that requires special training and a good eye to make it inviting and recognize which features to highlight that will show the property at it’s finest.  Photography is also done by someone who is a professional or like us most companies have their own photographers that are trained to bring out the best of each home or even room. Agents that delegate these services to others also need to know about these subjects in order to insure that you have the right person working for you and your clients.

Agents are not mind readers but need to read minds

Not all leads are created equal! Agents have to be great with people but also must be able to use their time wisely. It is impossible to satisfy all your clients wishes and need to put your foot down when needed. I learned early on in my real estate career that time is very valuable and I must use it wisely otherwise days will be wasted. Some buyers will want to view a half dozen properties in half as many locations in just as many price ranges. That is why it’s vital to have a chat early on and discuss what their requirements are and what priorities they have in order to narrow the search and actually help them find the best match for their needs. A good agent can sometimes have a better idea than the buyer on which properties they should view.

Sellers will see their property much different than you or the buyer will. They will also know their property and their area best and you must show your an expert as well.  Know the neighborhood highlights, if there are any changes that are coming such as laws or new amenities or roads and of course the recent prices of sold properties as well as values of their home.

Keeping buyers and sellers happy is an important real estate skill

In all circumstance the ability to listen and hear what the person is saying is a skill that is key to all aspects of real estate and life. Buying and selling a home can be one of the most stressful things a person will do and it’s your job as their agent to make them feel secure and in good hands.  The client needs to know that they will be supported in all the steps involved from the early stages all the way to the end. Good communication skills will insure this and make them happy to use your services.


Don’t stop learning because the world never stops changing


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