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Retirement in Cyprus is more than Sunshine

  • Cleo Shahateet by Cleo Shahateet
  • 15 years ago
  • Expats
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I moved to Cyprus because of the weather. Yes, there were other reasons that influenced my decision but in the back of my head, the idea of enjoying life without extreme, harsh winters gave me a great feeling. No longer scraping the snow off of the windscreens of my vehicles and jumping the battery that would not turn the engine over in the below zero temperatures.

Since being here ( this is my third winter) I see why so many people have moved here for the same reasons and also found out many more reasons why anyone close to the retirement age should think about moving to Cyprus. The obvious reasons are the costs of living, lower prices all around from buying property to food, a better quality of life, much less or no crime. Other benefits are investment income from dividends are tax-free, profit on shares and securities are tax-free and corporate profits are taxed at 10%, overall tax in Cyprus is low compared to other EU countries. Need I say more. I think that’s enough for now. Please add your many reasons why you think Cyprus is a great place to retire.

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