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Adonis Baths and Waterfalls in Paphos

Adonis baths and waterfalls are located in Paphos close to Coral Bay. According to Greek Mythology,  Adonis baths was where Aphrodite and Adonis spent much of their time.

If you are heading towards St. Neophytus Monastery it is the same direction. The last 6 kilometers or so are very rough and even though signs say the road is suitable for all cars I would suggest only using a 4×4.

What you will see as you approach the baths is a quaint looking taverna. Then once you are outside the baths, you will see a statue of Adonis and Aphrodite. There is also a message that says, “ladies infertile who wish to become pregnant touch Adonis’s appendage and have many children thereafter!”  This is accompanied by several kitsch statues.

What a first impression, eh!??  You will then find a ticket office with a statue of Aphrodite on the way to the entrance and a seated Zeus.  The entrance buildings have been erected around an old watermill that is over 400 years old. It was built by monks and used by surrounding villages to grind corn.  There is also a large Cypriot oven that was used by the village women who hoped they might also catch glimpses of their lover’s bathing!

There is a small museum type house made by the current owner who is an aging Cypriot actor, Bambos Theodorou. He built everything in honour of his father after he passed away. Family photos adorn the walls, including one of him jumping from the top of the main waterfall. There are also photos of the last mill owner and his twenty (20) children!! Bambos Theodorou was one of them.

There is also a tiny “gift shop” which is expensive. There is also a small café that serves some drinks and has restrooms for the public which are quite clean. This place is steeped in mythology and a place that is said to have been the birthplace of many of Adonis and Aphrodite’s children, but it is also obviously a money-making spot for the owners of the land.

The waterfall, baths & an old mill that is also there are privately owned and maintained so the entrance fee is a fairly steep €9 for adults and €7 for children although I wouldn’t suggest taking children as there is really nothing for them to do and it could even be dangerous. There are steep steps without a rail down to the baths which make it unsafe for kids and anyone with mobility issues.

The site itself is in a small, tranquil setting (once you get into the waterfall area) with the two-level waterfall and bath area that is surrounded by large trees. The baths themselves are at the bottom of the waterfall with high cliffs on either side.  For more adventurous people, there are rocks at the top of the waterfall that is great for diving or jumping from as the water is very deep. Be prepared though as it is also pretty cold!  There are a couple of rope swings over the water to swing from and drop into the refreshing mountain waters below.  You could also use the rope swing to climb up the rocks behind the waterfall.  Swimming in the baths is said to make women look younger and more beautiful and supposedly make men stronger!

Realistically though, rumor has it that that the actor Bambos Theodorou and his family who own the land and apparently there used to be a handsome man who lived in the village and frequented the waterfall every day so all the local girls would hide in the trees to watch him!  So based on this, the land has nothing to do with Adonis bathing there! Believe what you want, it is still an interesting little trip if you don’t mind the expense, the drive and especially if you like jumping off the cliff!!


Andreas Josephides said:

Hi Cleo,

The photos of the Adonis Falls still look great. I remember when I was growing up in Kili, right above the falls, we used to go swimming there. I understand that there’s not much water now days.

Greetings from Hawaii

September 3, 2011 3:51 AM

Iain Railton said:

The owner’s name is Pambos Theodorou and his mother was the eldest of 20 children, nice guy, I’d like to find out more about him.

December 22, 2011 7:23 PM

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