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Writing Articles is a Great Way of Life

Until recently, writing or the need to write was never a significant part of my life. Before I began working on my first website, the need to write even a letter or email was not necessary. There was about 20 plus years of the occasional note or filling out a form or taking some kind of exam and that was the extent of it. Everything changed the day I purchased a domain name and began working on my website selling property in Cyprus. Writing has revolutionized my life in many ways and it can change yours too!

The task of maintaining my website was daunting, I learned immediately that it was so very important to have a strong home page and that you must use every word in a precise manner in order to retain an audience or attract a search engine. After completing the home page and other pages relevant to real estate in Paphos, I soon discovered that that was not enough. In order to get readers to visit my website, there was much more writing required. I learned that the most effective way to gain exposure and be recognized as an expert in your field was to write articles and submit them to other sites, the stronger the better, the more prominent a site is the more exposure your site will get. In many cases that will create links back to your site, giving you credibility and strength for your site with the search engines. Overall, writing would improve my business so I had to get it right and keep up with it.

At first, I was not sure if I could do it, the writing was never my strength. I thought about paying for a writer as I struggled with what I should or could write about. Slowly I managed to get one article together and then another.  Now, I am always on the lookout for my next article, everything I do I try and visualize the story behind it. Every place I go I look for inspiration and of course how it can help me sell a property or sell Cyprus. My brain is constantly in motion and creativity is always in action.

I always want to write about things that will not only make me proud but also peak the interest of everyone that comes across it. Writing for the web does not require long drawn out stories, a short article like this one gives you the ability to get your whole message across in a very precise, efficient manner and have all your points heard, all on a single page. Having an audience appreciate and comment on your articles that you worked hard on in addition to having more prospects visiting my sites make writing a joy rather than a drudgery that I first thought it would be!

Published Saturday, November 22, 2008, 3:32 PM by Cleo Shahateet

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