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Peyia (Pegeia) Paphos – “A Concrete Jungle?

“Concrete Jungle” is a description of Peyia that I have heard on a number of occasions from many expats.  I do not agree with them at all. As a matter of fact, I think the need for growth is tremendous.  At first, I thought the reference was funny and it brought back memories from 1985 when I worked in the “Cabrini Greens” housing projects in the Near North Side of Chicago, only 100 meters from downtown. It was one mile from the Magnificent Mile, two miles to Greek town and four miles to China town with much more in between – that was a concrete jungle. Peyia is not.

It is true that Peyia has grown a lot in the past decade and has many more expats than other more remote villages but it is still a nice, small village with many private properties with great views. Peyia is nestled in the hills overlooking all of Coral Bay. It has a nice village square with amenities such as a bank, shops, pubs, and restaurants. There are all the basic amenities however, to go to a form of a department store you will have to drive at least 25 minutes into town to Debenhams. In my opinion, there is a need for theatre, shops and other services in that area which could be enjoyed and profitable. There are many areas where it could be done and not spoil the area if done right.  As for the expat community in Peyia, they seem to have a strong voice in the village and most contribute positively to it and are proud of the place they found in the sun.

I have had at least two clients who wanted to sell their homes in Peyia because from the time they purchased the property to be built until they moved in they saw a lot of building nearby turning the place into a “Concrete Jungle.” To each his own I say and it all depends on the lifestyle or expectations you have of living in Cyprus.  Some buyers have heard the bad press and don’t want to even look at Peyia but if I have a property in Peyia that I think is perfect I have shown it to clients most are pleasantly surprised – someone even purchased one thereafter having reservations based on what he heard!!

This area of Paphos is home to some of the best properties with the most breathtaking views of the Cyprus coastline. Resale properties are now being sold at great prices in Peyia as everywhere else. With a resale, you can see exactly what you are getting. I just want to say don’t judge Peyia without seeing it as you may also be pleased with what you see like I am! Tell us your thoughts and views on Peyia – I know it can get heated with all the varying opinions – interesting reading though so please share!


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January 4, 2010 8:31 PM

Joanna said:

The coast of paphos from peyia to the airport is stunning and makes up for the concrete jungle

August 26, 2010 12:10 PM

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