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The Limassol Zoo

I feel the need to mention the Limassol Zoo and update a previous post I made about a day we spent there. My two boys, wife and I frequently go to the zoo and my boys are always excited about it. The Limassol Municipal Gardens are beautifully maintained, the children’s playgrounds are some of the best in Cyprus and the entrance fee to the zoo is very inexpensive.

However, the grounds for the animals are way too small and the need for a larger property to be acquired is essential for the well being of the animals. It seems the current zoo could just be turned into a bird park rather than house large animals such as leopards that need much more space.  Even though I am an estate agent this is more of a personal issue for me as it is too sad to see the tiger in particular in a very small area and alone. In addition, the tiger, as I was told by the director, is very old and not in good condition with osteoarthritis in his back legs. The tiger is supposed to be removed and cared for to see if his quality of life can be improved and if not, he will be put down upon the government’s discretion.   All the animals seem to be in need of care though and I hope if I write about it and others have some input or know more facts about the animals or plans for a larger zoo grounds or way to help the animals please share with us.



Published Sunday, December 14, 2008, 12:00 PM by Cleo Shahateet

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