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Relocating to Cyprus

kathikas taverna

Cyprus Cultural Observations – A Funny Look at Life in Cyprus

There are many wonderful things connected with living in Cyprus, some of which people may find quite amusing. Certain traditions and actions that have developed over the years make Cypriot culture instantly recognizable to foreigners and locals alike. A good place to start would be the “peripteron”, which is a kiosk you can find every 200 meters on every street. It resembles a small supermarket and...

Living in Cyprus: Surprises and Discoveries

This is an article I wrote soon after moving to Paphos, Cyprus in June 2006. I thought it would be good to share it again here:As the summer holidaymakers start heading home, Paphos turns from a bustling Mediterranean destination back into a sleepy small town or as some say, a village. I have concluded my second consecutive summer here and anticipating the beauty of the coming autumn and winter seasons, I...

Choosing the Right Place to Live

You have waited most of your life for this day. Finally, you are ready to buy that Cyprus holiday or retirement home that you’ve spent so much of your life dreaming about.  Maybe you thought you knew exactly where you wanted that place to be, but along the way and through the years, you have visited many places, fell in love just as many times over and have changed your mind about what that ideal place...

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