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No Better Time to Find Cyprus Properties For Sale

If you are waiting for the right time to buy and expecting prices to plunge even further you should be wary about waiting too long. There are opportunities not to be missed.  In my opinion, there is no better time to buy property in Cyprus than now! You should at least begin the search! There are a number of factors that support my opinion that you should consider buying very soon.  The first reason...

What Market has the Best Potential for Selling Paphos or Cyprus Property

As Cyprus joins the United Kingdom and most of the world’s property and financial markets downward slide, we are beginning to experience the effect of the current crisis. The word in Cyprus until recently was that the problem will not have an effect or very minimal effect on Cyprus. People in the business of finance, property sales, developers and tourism - basically Cyprus’s whole economy - started to...

Resolving the Single Most Important Issue in Cyprus

This financial crisis is sweeping across the globe and it is becoming clear that most continents will be affected in one way or another. It is fair to say that we are already experiencing a downturn in the economy here in Cyprus. The extent of what will happen will surely shake things up and just about everyone will feel it in their pockets, bank accounts, and retirement accounts. Certain areas and...

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