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Get a Quick Sale in the Stagnant Cyprus Property Market

There are no “quick sales” in this market unless you are extremely lucky or give your property away.  A “quick sale” in this market is realistically around 6 months. Some homes have now been on the market for 3 years and more! There are ways to move your property in this market and there are ways to sabotage a sale – after you read this you can make the necessary changes or give your self a...

Writing Articles is a Great Way of Life

Until recently, writing or the need to write was never a significant part of my life. Before I began working on my first website, the need to write even a letter or email was not necessary. There was about 20 plus years of the occasional note or filling out a form or taking some kind of exam and that was the extent of it. Everything changed the day I purchased a domain name and began working on my website...

Kamares Villa with Sea Views

One Property for Sale – Multiple Different Prices

Why do sellers in Cyprus lower their prices and not tell all agents simultaneously? The question of why sellers price their homes way over what they are willing to accept seems obvious and I won't go into that now!  As an agent in Paphos, who charges a very low and competitive rate, I would assume that my sellers would want to ensure that their home is listed with me at the same price as all other...

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