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paphos holiday

Christmas in Cyprus

Christmas is just a few weeks away and the festivities are beginning to take place. Paphos town has been decorated on every roundabout, pubic area and throughout the streets. The town has gained a very consumer-friendly Alpha Mega supermarket, an updated fountain to the towns' shopping area in addition to a Christmas wonderland and even an ice skating rink set up by the town hall.  Christmas fairs are...

KATAKLYSMOS – Cyprus Festival of the Flood is Not To Be Missed!

The celebration of  Kataklysmos is a Greek Orthodox festival with strong pagan roots relating back to the Greek myth of Deukalion and the ark he built to survive the floods and ancient ceremonies between Aphrodite and Adonis. The festival also relates to the Old Testament tale of Noah’s ark. Kataklysmos is still celebrated with great passion every year all over Cyprus. The festivities take place 50 days...

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