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Funny things about Cyprus

There are many wonderful things connected with living in Cyprus, some of which people may find quite amusing. Certain traditions and actions that have developed over the years make Cypriot culture instantly recognizable to foreigners and locals alike. A good place to start would be the “peripteron”, which is a kiosk you can find every 200 meters on every street. It resembles a small supermarket and...

Easter in Cyprus 2011 – It is nearly here!

The carnivals are over and Lent is almost over – a 40 day fasting period of no meat, poultry or dairy products is near the end. The bakeries accommodate those who fast by adding dairy-free, egg-free and meat-free pastries and cookies to their already vast array of goodies. Generally, fasting is followed more strictly in the villages of Cyprus than in the towns, but most restaurants and takeaways also...

Christmas & New Years in Cyprus

Even though Christmas is just a few weeks away temperatures are unseasonably warm (in the '30s) making it hardly feel like Christmas despite the festivities that are beginning to take place. Paphos town, for the first time, has a Christmas wonderland and even an ice skating rink set up by the town hall.  Christmas fairs are being held and everyone is getting extra busy. As Christmas day approaches...

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