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Selling Luxury Properties in Paphos, Cyprus

Tremithousa Luxury Villa

The process of  selling luxury properties in Paphos is unequivocally in a class of its own. Cyprus101 is home to a team of luxury real estate experts who are happy to share some insight into the local luxury property market in Paphos and how we can help sell yours….or find your dream home!

Luxury Kamares Villa in Paphos
Luxury Villa in Kamares Paphos

1. Make the right first impression

From enhancing a properties kerb appeal to de-cluttering and removing personal items, there are numerous ways to enhance a property’s appeal to make the right first impression. In today’s day and age the first impression will most likely be from online marketing, so making sure the property is camera-ready is the first, important step in order to capture a buyer’s attention. Secondly, including a nicely worded description highlighting some of the main selling points and features is also very important. The unique, high-value features of your home are your main selling points.  Cyprus101 will advise and guide you through this first step when beginning the marketing process of your luxury property.
2. Marketing through all Channels 
Effective advertising is important to any business and selling a home is a business transaction.  To sell luxury properties in Paphos you need to utilize all advertising options including print, online, social media and through an established network of colleagues and investors that can help get the attention of the right high-end buyers and their agents.
3. Be patient with the process
No matter what the market condition is selling a luxury home generally takes longer than a home of lesser value. There are many more buyers available for a 200,000 Euro home than a home of
1 million+.  Cyprus101 has the experience to create and carry out a successful marketing strategy.
4. Show off the Lifestyle
If the home is in a gated community or an otherwise exclusive neighbourhood, highlight it!  Explain where the high-end shops, gourmet restaurants and marina that houses luxury yachts are, for example.  Potential buyers will feel at home and part of a community with amenities they are accustomed to.
5. Work with your Agent
An agents main job, in addition to assisting both buyers and sellers, is to make their clients happy.  Sometimes though, sellers need to hear hard truths about their property or even the listing price that they do not want to hear. What is important is to remember that professionals are unbiased and need to be honest and help sellers set realistic goals.  The better an agent and client can communicate the more a client will understand what needs to be done to meet their expectations.
Cyprus101 prides itself in delivering the quality service you need in buying or selling the perfect luxury property to fit your needs.
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