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Open House in Cyprus

I want to write about Open Houses, an old method often used in the USA to sell homes.  To my knowledge, open houses are not currently or ever been used in Cyprus or in the UK (tell me if I’ am wrong).

An Open House is exactly what it says, we open a house and invite anyone to come and view the home during a designated time period usually on the weekend when families are together and are likely to go drive around looking in areas where they would like to buy a home.  Open houses in the US are on a downturn, but there are reasons to consider holding one especially in a slow market where finding buyers is not so easy.  What better way than to provide them with a no-obligation time to just come in, walk around and view the home?  We even provide some biscuits and offer a drink! If you never heard of an open house here are two links to blogs about it  or

I find these articles interesting and I agree with Aaron that in a down market we must use any resource available to sell the homes for our clients. However, in my experience in business, I know doing something for the first time in a market is very difficult.  It’s very difficult to get the word out as well as to inform the public on exactly what it is and how it works, which is why I am writing this article now, it’s my first step in informing my audience of my future plan of action.

I have the Ok from one of my clients and we had arranged to schedule it for the 18th of November. However, I planned to advertise their “Open House” in the Cyprus Grapevine and The Cyprus Mail but I missed the deadline for November so we will have to reschedule for a later date in order to get the word out. Once I start doing it, I plan on continuing it with a pre-scheduled “Open House” every Sunday. I would be very interested in hearing what you have to say about this. Do you think it’s a good idea? Read the Active Rain link above and please post your comments.

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