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Dave and Ren buyer in Agios Georgios

We have just collected our keys for our 3 bedroom Villa in Agios Giorgios. We have been looking at properties in and around the Paphos area for a number of years and shortly before our last visit we selected some properties to view from three different estate agents. The thing that immediately stood out with Cyprus101 was when Diane rang to introduce herself, get to know our real requirements and preferences and to reflect on the property we had selected to view.

As a result of the conversation we cancelled the viewing as Diane identified features that were not apparent on the listing but which would have immediately excluded it from our list. As this was the only property we had selected with this agent as we finished the call this meant we had no viewings with Diane. This was the first sign of the honesty and integrity I experienced throughout our discussions.
Based on our conversation we took another look at the available properties on the website and selected a single property to view together with 4 other properties from other agents.

The approach of the other agents could not have been more different, one in particular very sales led and working to try and get viewings which clearly were not suitable, a story many of you will recognise from the UK. The other agent was decent enough they showed us their property but the personal touch, context and local knowledge jut simply was not there.

We we shown the property by Christos who could not have been more pleasant, informative and helpful, providing information on the property, the development and the previous owner and their real reasons for selling, all of which matched exactly with what we were seeing.

A second viewing was arranged at short notice with again Christos proving the perfect host letting us really see the property in detail and helping with any questions we had about the area, the property and the Cypriot way of doing things. The pricing was consistent with our research and I found Christos to be completely open and transparent about pricing and the state of the market in the area.

We returned to the UK and having researched our funding options placed an offer via Diane which after some negotiation on pricing and timing, the deal was concluded successfully. communication throughout the process was excellent throughout with occasionally Diane intervening between the lawyers to ensure things ran smoothly.

If we ever had a question, Diane was only too happy to help and we are now the very happy owners of our dream home in Cyprus.

The first time we spoke on the phone I felt I was dealing with someone who I could trust and work with, I am delighted to see my instincts were proved to be correct.

Highly recommended

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