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February 2010

Easter in Cyprus

The carnivals are over and Lent is underway – a 40 day fasting period of no meat, poultry or dairy products. The bakeries accommodate those who fast by adding dairy-free, egg-free and meat-free pastries and cookies to their already vast array of goodies. Generally, fasting is followed more strictly in the villages of Cyprus than in the towns, but most restaurants and takeaways also add fasting dishes to...

Dori’s Restaurant in Paphos – Healthy, Hearty and a Delicious Alternative

By: Patricia Winter   - Which one of the following would you prefer 1) a “grab and go” high fat/high sugar meal from one of the many fast food places around or 2) a delicious, healthy and freshly prepared meal? I believe that I can guess which one most of us would choose – the second. A few weeks ago we discovered Dori’s, a Lebanese takeaway that had recently opened in Paphos and...

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