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November 2008

Peyia property

Villa For Sale in Peyia Minutes from Sea Caves

Minutes from Sea Caves and Coral Bay Peyia, Paphos  -  This beautiful home is located on the Western end of Peyia, close to the Sea Caves and the Akamas Preserve and only 5 minutes from Coral Bay. It sits in a picturesque location with views of the mountains and sea. The large plot has a mature garden with full-grown trees all around the house. Here you can live away from the bustle of the city and...

Writing Articles is a Great Way of Life

Until recently, writing or the need to write was never a significant part of my life. Before I began working on my first website, the need to write even a letter or email was not necessary. There was about 20 plus years of the occasional note or filling out a form or taking some kind of exam and that was the extent of it. Everything changed the day I purchased a domain name and began working on my website...

Resolving the Single Most Important Issue in Cyprus

This financial crisis is sweeping across the globe and it is becoming clear that most continents will be affected in one way or another. It is fair to say that we are already experiencing a downturn in the economy here in Cyprus. The extent of what will happen will surely shake things up and just about everyone will feel it in their pockets, bank accounts, and retirement accounts. Certain areas and...

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